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Frequently Asked Questions
about Sellitt and Soon

We are a commission selling service, selling unwanted second hand goods on behalf of the public on a commission basis.

Our large showroom is located in the beautiful market town of Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England

So, how does it work?

We accept unwanted and usually second hand goods for sale in the shop from the general public. The item(s) are valued by our shop staff and this valuation is agreed with the seller of the goods. The seller receives a receipt for the items showing the date, description of the goods, selling price and commission charged. The items are then displayed in our showroom at the agreed selling price. After the items have been sold the proceeds are paid to the seller less a commission as stated on the receipt.

What is the commission rate?

The commission rate is 30% including VAT on each item.

What sort of items do you accept?

We accept most items that you would normally find in your own home. Please ensure that each item is clean, presentable and in full working order before offering the item for sale. We do not accept clothing, beds, carpets, curtains, bric -a-brac or baby accessories. We do specialise in modern, reproduction and antique furniture. We can also value and sell antiques on your behalf.

Do you notify me when the item(s) are sold?

Because we handle many items each day we are unable to notify each person as and when their items have sold. We rely upon each customer to keep in touch with us by producing their receipt periodically.

As a buyer, what guarantee do I have with regard to electrical items?

We test most items on acceptance or at the point of sale. All electrical items and some non- electrical items are sold with a seven day approval period to ensure that they are working satisfactorily.

Do I have to arrange collection and delivery myself?

We can arrange collection and delivery of large items for an additional charge.

We have a wide range of household goods on display in our showroom ranging from small individual items such as jewellery and ornaments to large items such as lounge suites, cookers, automatic washers and fridges. All our furniture, electrical goods and collectables are in very good condition and only a fraction of the new cost. We accept cash, cheques, credit and debit cards for payment.
Come and see us or give us a call. We have something “new” everyday.

art deco vase
      art deco vase
antique gilt clock
gilt clock
oriental tea service
oriental tea service


Typical Items for Sale
green sofa
antique chinese style wine cooler
wine cooler
glass vases
glass vases
copper kettle and burner
copper kettle
original watercolours
original watercolours
Sellitt & Soon, 81 Walkergate, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 9BP - tel: 01482 862121